a portion of our proceeds are donated to animal shelters & rescue. finding loving homes for cats in need

marvelous midge


live. love. purr.

marvelous midge

marvelous midge

every purchase helps a cat in need

every purchase helps save a cat from being homeless

Our Inspiration

Meet Midge & Midge

We challenge you to take part in our mission

help animals, help others, and do everything you can to support your community

Save cats & kitties from being homeless, hurt, or hungry

and look really cute doing it. We are determined to make a difference! We donate a portion of every sale to various animal rescue organizations


our beloved pets are our family members and best friends, we want to pay it forward to their kind. every purchase will help save an animal from being homeless

Here's the 411

Thank you for stopping by our website! A portion of every purchase made on this site & our pop up stores around Pittsburgh will be donated to animal rescue, specifically cat rescue!  We strive to bring our customers QUALITY over QUANTITY, which is why you will (usually) never see us create a certain look more than once! Who wants to be wearing the same thing as everyone else?! With that being said, our website may not always reflect what you see on our social media platforms - because sometimes things sell out before we can even get them on the website! If you see something on social media but not the website, just CALL, MESSAGE, or EMAIL us! We will be happy to place your desired order for you. We can also send you more detailed photos via our fancy cell phones!  

Stay marvelous!

xoxo, marvelous midge

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