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your happiness is on U

We all have bad days where we feel unmotivated and just plain BLAH!  Yes, there are reasons for it typically like stress from work, stress from school, stress from raising 3 teen/pre-teen children (that’s my personal fave); however other times, we don’t know what it is we just know we don’t feel right.  Right?  Anyone stay in their pajamas all day and feel guilty about it the next morning?  Or flip the script, has anyone stayed in their pajamas all day and felt proud that you did it the next morning?  Well, I’ve done both for sure.  Sometimes it’s life, sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s hormones, sometimes it’s my kids, sometimes it’s my husband, and sometimes I use all of those as an excuse.  Regardless, it's on me.  I'm the only one making the choice to stay that way all day.  

Do you remember the quote from ‘Bad Mom’s’ where the one mom says she  just wants to get in a little accident, not one where anyone is really hurt, nothing serious, just a little banged up, just something that would allow you to spend one night alone in the hospital with a  bed and a tv to yourself?  Then there’s those days.  Right?  We’ve all had them. 

I started this post out with the intention of writing about ways to find happiness in those moments, and I was going to create a step by step list of great ways to cheer yourself up like get outside, grab a coffee, do something kind for someone…..which are all well and good, but I realized that happiness is a decision, most of the time, that YOU decide. Don’t get me wrong, doing something kind for someone else feels amazing especially if you don’t tell anyone you did it.  Keep it inside you and let it fill you up.  But back to reality, your happiness is up to you.  It truly is.  You are the one making the best or the worst of a situation.  You are the one enjoying or complaining, ignoring or engaging, relaxing or stressing, accomplishing or procrastinating, praying instead of not.  YOU are in control of your happiness.  No one can take it from you unless you give them the power, so don’t. 

Yes, there will be times that you will be challenged without a doubt.  Yes, you will cry.  Yes, you will be sad.  Yes, you will get the wind knocked out of your sails, but it’s those moments and what you do with them that make all the difference.   Go ahead…have yourself good cry…cry it out, scream, slam the doors, give yourself ONE DAY and then stop.  STOP, stand up, dust yourself off and GO. You are in control of what happens next.  Even right now as you read this, commit to leaving this blog with an intent to at least be better than you were the day before.  I mean that's great in itself.  Just to be a little bit better than the day before.  So do it.  If you don't like something, change it.  If you don't know something, learn it.  

How?  Well, all I can say is make a plan.  Write it down.  Seriously, write it down.  I legit write everything down.  If you don’t have a plan for it, it will not get done.  I can assure you of that.  Work backwards, set your goal, and work backwards in small, reasonable steps of how you are going to get there.  You can't just write down "I will lose 30 pounds by August".  You need to plan it, down to the pound, how about down to the ounce?  Plan it.  

As I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, you only get one life.  You don’t get a re-do.  No pause, no rewind, it’s a one shot deal.  Knock your one shot deal right out of the park.  Smile girlfriend, you got this!


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  • Great blog! Enjoyed it so much and it reminded me that happiness is a choice.


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