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Giving Back

We shopped yesterday for our latest donations, and I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes us all.  The biggest impact surprisingly coming from little Parker.  He is so excited and so happy to be shopping for animals in need.  I wish he was able to hand deliver each item to a needy pet because he shops with such purpose and love.  He takes his time and ponders and peruses until he has just the right toy for a lonely cat or he asks if a particular food is healthy.  Yesterday, he said since we got them (the cats) all healthy food, let's get them some treats now to make them happy.  

It's a very rewarding experience.  Watching my children give back, learn amazing life lessons, and feel rewarded themselves has been priceless.  

We encourage you to give back in your community in anyway that you are able.  Check your libraries, hospitals, shelters, churches, local rec sports, etc.  You will find some way, no matter how small, to give back.  You will never feel better. 

Making a difference in the world is inspiring...and ongoing...and gives feeling of hope.  

We thank everyone who is helping us make a difference.

Marvelous Midge - be kind to all kinds. 

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  • This is so awesome! We are so happy for you all!


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