a portion of our proceeds are donated to animal shelters & rescue. finding loving homes for cats in need

launch party

midge rolled out of her fuzzy little cat bed this morning, stretched her arms, and went back to bed....

but for the rest of us, today was HUGE!  it's launch day!  we are open for business and couldn't be more excited.


we were so very thankful to our friends and family who were so supportive today with calls, texts, social media posts and tags, and of course shopping.  it was a great feeling being surrounded by so much love.  we are very excited to be launching marvelous midge and raising money (and awareness) to help animals in need of homes, food, shelter even things as small as a bath.

look for us to be posting our donations to Animal Friends and animal rescue organizations in the 'about us' section.  we will be updating our donations there.  we just ordered the giant check today.  can't wait to fill it in for the first time.  

thank you for all of your love and support.  

now back to our launch party!!!!.....

(and by launch party we mean blankets, popcorn, and binge watching vampire diaries).

have a great night everyone!

marvelous midge

-be kind to all kinds-

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