About Us

MIDGE's boutique was born with a purpose...just like these girls!!


Midge's Boutique started with the desire to give back, the need to teach my children how to help others, to be a better family, and better members of our community.  Midge's boutique was built with the idea that we could make a difference and inspire others to do the same.  

We are a mother-daughter boutique specializing in eccentric, casual, and of course some feline loving apparel & accessories.  

We aim to support and contribute to organizations, other businesses, & shelters for all things cats, all things pride, and most importantly unity for our world.  

Inspiring connections to these great causes with quality apparel and accessories that just make you feel good inside and out.  

 As for the cats, contributing to shelters as best we can...Addison & Parker love hand picking the perfect supplies (and some toys) for kitties in need.  This would be Parker's favorite thing to do.  He spends a very long time at the pet supply store selecting the best kitty toys & food!

PRIDE...raising 3 children to be kind, open, and accepting of all others has always been a value in our home.  It only makes sense (and we wouldn't have it any other way) for our business to mirror our home and family values.  We do all that we can to represent, honor, and contribute and support the LGBTQ community.  

UNITY...we understand the importance of love, peace, and unity in our world and will always do our best to be a part of the movement & act accordingly.  Knowing in our hearts that WE ALL BELONG and and keeping it an open conversation in our home & business as well.  We all belong.  

Meet our inspiration...Midge the cat and our sweet girl Addison who fits the nickname Midge more than quite possibly anyone out there!

Midge and Midge...what a pair!  Addison got her nickname at 2 years old, clicking around in a set of plastic high heels, we jokingly called her "Midge" and as any good nickname...it stuck!  Our "Midge" was an extremely fashion forward little girl with a deep love for animals, people, and love.  So, go figure when we found an abandoned kitten in our shed one day, we had to save her, keep her for our own, and name her Midge?  Yes, Midge named her new cat Midge.  The love Addison grew for this sweet little cat was an inspiring experience.  Never has there been a more loved cat.  What an inspiration!  Midge's love for animals combined with her sense of style sums up the name and mission behind  Midge's boutique.  Our pets Midge, Mabel, and Rocky (the dog) have taught our family so much about unconditional love. 

It was through my family that I developed the desire to give back, to teach them that we can make a difference with animals, loved ones, neighbors, friends, and in our community.   Having a 'Be kind to all kinds' is a perfect slogan for this amazing venture...

Midge's Boutique is a lifestyle boutique tucked into the online heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We hope that our tees & goods can inspire, enlighten, and empower each person that steps through our virtual door and that this dream of ours can bring joy & comfort while supporting animal rescue, pride, and unity in our community & world.  We aim to bring good vibes & love  into the lives and homes around us. Thank you for supporting our journey, we look forward to sharing more.